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Crane Design

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Our Crane team focuses on providing safe and cost-effective technical solutions backed with experience spanning several hundred crane rehabilitation projects at hydroelectric and manufacturing facilities. From performing the design as a consultant to a Contractor; or as Owner’s representative providing assessments, design specifications, and construction administration, our long history has taught us that each crane rehabilitation project has its own set of unique challenges.

We have developed the necessary means to be successful: a deep understanding of the technical and operational aspects of the crane, close collaboration between the Owner, Contractor and Engineer, and a seasoned team that understands the administrative aspects of working on crane projects. Every crane project is distinctive and this is where we excel by understanding the needs of all team members.

Our engineers have previously worked as design engineers in fabrication shops and provide the boots-on-the-ground experience necessary for the following services:  

Capabilities Include:

  • Custom Cranes
  • Hoist Systems
  • End Trucks
  • Drive Systems
  • Gears
  • Bridge Girders
  • Load Test Support
  • Forensics
  • Trolleys
  • Load Path Analysis
  • Lifting Beams
  • FEA
  • Design for Fatigue, Surveys, Design
  • Runways
  • Re-rates
  • Rehabilitations
  • Crane Rehabilitation Initial Assessments
  • Anti-skewing Systems
  • Electrical Design
  • VFD’s/PLC
  • Foundation Assessment
  • Deck Loading Analysis

Recent Past Projects:

  • Grand Coulee Phases I, 2 & 3 (20 cranes for Owner)
  • Hungry Horse Phase I (5 cranes for Owner)
  • Bonneville Powerhouse Intake Gantry Crane (for Contractor)
  • Priest Rapids 390T Gantry Crane (for Contractor)

On-going projects:

  • EWEB Gantry Crane Modernization – Phase I, 2, & 3 (for Owner)
  • Avista Cabinet Gorge Dam Gantry Crane – Phase I (for Owner)
  • Fort Randall Bridge Cranes Rehab/Rerate (for Contractor)


Phil Pintor, P.E. 509-328-2994

Understanding the whole process is the key to our industrial designs.