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experienced CPA in Seattle Coffman Engineers

Patrick J. Piermattei

Senior Vice President
Seattle, Washington

Patrick J. Piermattei, CPA

He’s more than a numbers guy.  He’s the man with the foresight and business acumen that helped Coffman Engineers weather the storm of the recent downturn in the economy.  Thanks to his business savvy, the company is experiencing some of its best financial returns.

Patrick Piermattei has been with Coffman Engineers for 30 years — and as its CFO for 27.  During those three decades he’s also served in several other capacities — owner, officer, director, general manager and mentor.  Pat values lasting relationships

The systems that the Chicago native put in place, coupled with his insights, led Coffman to make earlier workforce cuts than most of its competitors and maintain profitability and during a period where many competitors had to shrink or even close.

When he’s not watching the numbers, Pat enjoys hitting the green and enjoying a great bottle of wine.

Awards: 2012 PSBJ CFO of the Year Nominee

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