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Traci Hanegan, P.E.

Principal, Mechanical Engineer
Spokane, Washington

Traci Hanegan

Traci brings a unique blend of skill sets with the large number of phased remodel projects she has designed, her knowledge of infectious diseases, and her involvement in substantial health care campus expansions. She has an eye for the details on how to phase construction and understand how even within a construction phase, each task is sequential and needs to be pieced together seamlessly for the contractor in conjunction with the infection control plan.  Her involvement in so many remodel projects has given her a deep understanding of how design decisions made in the present can enhance or hinder the ability of a space to be easily remodeled in the future. This understanding transfers over to how she approaches design of a new facility seeking flexibility without a high cost premium. She has also been involved in several large health care campus expansions, both as the detailed design engineer and as the multi-discipline project manager, overseeing all of the engineering disciplines. As a facility seeks to grow with a collection of additions and remodels, Traci’s combination of skills allows her to look beyond the current project and plan for how civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical systems can support her client’s vision.    

During design of a three-phased remodel of an Electrophysiology Lab for Kootenai Health, Traci worked directly with the architect, the Director of Cardiopulmonary and Imaging Services, and the Construction Manager to coordinate everything from the imaging equipment installation and the construction ventilation plan to the relocation of a major building column between three floors. She represented mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering at the user group meetings and was a single point of contact for those disciplines. Her insight contributed toward significant savings in HVAC equipment and Medical Gas/Vacuum certification costs, without compromising the ability to remodel in the future, as a result of her adjustments to the phasing plan and her knowledge of the overall systems layout. She also developed a new design approach to Legionella prevention during phased plumbing construction.          


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