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Acoustical Engineering

Designing to enhance the built environment.

From enhancing a concert hall environment to reducing the effects from air traffic on a residential development, our acoustic team works with architects, developers, and owners to address a variety of noise concerns and regulatory requirements. We have experience in the transportation, development, energy, and education industries and can offer this service independently or alongside our other disciplines to support your project.

Architectural Acoustics

  • Exterior to Interior Sound Isolation Studies
  • Interior to Interior Sound Isolation for Multifamily, Offices, or Healthcare
  • Floor / Ceiling Sound and Impact Isolation Analyses
  • HVAC Noise Control
  • Performance Space Acoustic Analyses
  • Control Room Acoustics
  • Conference Room Acoustics
  • Classroom Acoustics for Elementary to Higher Education Including
    • Lecture Halls
    • Auditoriums
    • Cafeteria
    • Laboratories

Industrial Noise Control

  • Wind Turbine Noise Analyses
  • Oil and Gas Refinery Noise Control
  • Solar Installation Noise Analyses
  • Pump Noise Analyses and Performance Testing
  • Construction Noise Monitoring
  • Other Industrial Noise Analyses for OSHA

Community Noise

  • Assessing Automobile Traffic Noise Impacts
  • Assessing Airport Noise Impacts
  • Assessing Rail Noise Impacts, Including Vibration
  • Mechanical Equipment Noise Assessments


Christopher Barnobi


Christopher leads Coffman's acoustical department offering design consulting from conception and planning through design, construction, and testing. Our experience includes projects in various industries including energy, transportation, development, and education from coast to coast.

Learn more about Christopher.