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Marysville School District – Getchell High School

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Keeping student learning in mind, DLR Group Architecture designed the facility around small learning communities that are connected by walkways. The challenge is that the walkways need to be safely lit while not impacting the surrounding wetlands. Coffman designed custom lit handrails that allow Marysville School District to meet safety requirements for the students while minimizing light trespass to the environment.

James D. MacConnell (CEFPI), 2012 Illumination Award of Merit (IES), 2011 High School Citation (American School & University), 2011 Polished Apple Award (CEFPI), 2011 Merit Award (AIA), 2011 Grand Prize Exhibition of Schools (NSBA/AIA), 2011 Award of Merit - Educational Facility Design Award (AIA/CAE)



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Marysville, Washington

Project Lead

Paul W. Jones III, P.E.