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Corning Japan
Performance Based Seismic Design—Viscous Damper Study/Implementation

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Manufacturers say performance and lack of production down-time are crucial to success. Coffman's structural analysis focused on precisely this: improving the performance of the facility to minimize damage and business interruption in response to various levels of earthquake hazards. We used a time history analysis to evaluate structural and nonstructural performance. Coffman offered a seismic retrofit scheme consisting of supplemental damping to protect important process systems, helping the long-term success of this client.

This project involved linear and non-linear dynamic analysis of four, six-story, steel framed industrial manufacturing buildings, which date back to the early 90s to 2004. The four buildings have primary lateral force resisting systems consisting of moment resisting frames, moment frames and conventional brace frames and moment frames with Buckling Restrained Brace Frames. The buildings are highly irregular in mass, stiffness, and torsion as well as in plan and vertical geometry.

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Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan

Project Lead

Paul Van Benschoten, S.E., LEED AP